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Superformance Products stands apart from the rest. Combining a family history in automotive aftermarket parts with 18 years in the oil seal business and a passion for all things performance, Greg Travis started Superformance Products to provide premium products that deliver extended performance life and give the best value for the dollar. "Be it fit, material quality, or tech service, I felt there was a gap in the market for a company that actually cared about everything that goes out the door and into something a customer has poured their time and money into."

Superformance Products makes and sells automotive high-performance, component-specific gaskets and oil seals. We use only premium materials that stand up to racing and long term street use. All of our gaskets are made in the USA and produced from materials made in the USA and Europe. We continue to expand our raw materials selection to diversify and expand our product line and capabilities. As an example, we use anti-stick coatings on many of our products to make them reusable, providing additional value for the customer. We guarantee all of our products for quality and fit, and our customer service is second to none.

Our in-house capabilities include Master Cam software for design work and a 40-ton 19' x 27' clamshell press and a 12' x 18' platen press. We welcome the opportunity to work with high performance parts manufacturers requiring quality gaskets for their components or assemblies.

If you are a Professional Engine Builder or a Performance Retailer and would like to join Our Team of qualified stocking distributors, please contact us at 1.866.925.7855 for more information.

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Greg Travis

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